Made in Luxembourg

Automotive Heart of Europe

Luxembourg has become a key location for first and second tier automotive suppliers. They employ nearly 10,000 people on 30 sites. Key component suppliers have chosen Luxembourg for its highly competitive business environment. Moreover, the country provides a very stable and predictable economic, social and political climate.

Car manufacturers in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, as well as the assembly lines in Belgium and the Netherlands, can be supplied from Luxembourg on a same-day delivery basis.

Products & technologies by Luxembourg-based companies:

  • interior and exterior trim components
  • passive and active safety sensing systems
  • fuel supply and exhaust components
  • windshields
  • battery housings
  • air conditioning systems and refrigerators
  • tires
  • thermostats
  • safety valves
  • steel
  • industrial equipment

Over thirty companies are involved in the automotive component industry. Accumalux, Delphi, Dometic, ELTH, FANUC Robotics, GE Fanuc, Faurecia, Goodyear, IEE, Raval Europe Tarkett Sommer Luxembourg and Textilcord, to name but a few, have chosen Luxembourg as a manufacturing or R&D base.

These companies deliver their products to over 20 car manufacturing plants within a range of 300 km and to over 50 plants within a range of 600 km.

Thanks to the central location and the outstanding technologies, car manufacturers based in Europe, be they BMW, Daimler-Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, PSA, Renault-Nissan, Toyota or VW, use products that were “made in Luxembourg”. Automotive components are also exported to assemblers in the USA and in Asia.

The automotive industry in Luxembourg offers the manufacturing of products as well as
the provision of services. Luxcontrol and SNCH specialize in the certification and approval of vehicles and components for the European market and provide fast and customer-oriented assistance.