At the Crossroads

Luxembourg at the crossroads of the European automotive market.

With nearly 731 million inhabitants and over 22 million new car passenger car and light truck registrations each year, Europe remains the largest automotive market worldwide. In 2007, more than 24 million light vehicles were produced in Europe alone, compared to 75 million worldwide for the same period. By 2010, the European demand for light vehicles is expected to exceed 22 million cars, which makes the automotive industry a highly dynamic sector of the European economy.

automotive component

Luxembourg is centrally located in the automotive heart of Europe. At the crossroads between Germany, France and Belgium, it offers “just-in-time” access to the major European car manufacturers and assembly plants. It is an ideal location for component suppliers with a multi-customer base to deliver their products easily and directly.

State-of-the-art infrastructure, and direct air cargo connections to major cities on all five continents make Luxembourg an ideal gateway to the European market, be it for investment, research & development or trade.

The economic development and diversification policy implemented by the Government encourages investment and research and fosters Luxembourg’s position in the automotive components industry.